Risk Vernacular

Vernacular is such a “power” word. At 10,000 feet and in the context of risk; “risk vernacular” is essentially a “risk language”.

As I begin to move closer to presenting scenarios and risk analyses, I decided to create a separate page on the blog for some risk terms and definitions. Some of them will be FAIR terms and some others are terms I have learned about from other risk disciplines or stumbled across that seemed to make sense. Yes, there may be disagreement on what I have listed. Please understand that these are the terms that I have cut my “risk teeth” on and seem to stand up fairly well to scrutiny within our industry and our peers in other risk discipline.

Bur more importantly – these are terms and definitions that I think are easy to explain to the non-risk individual.

Take a look at the page, and be prepared to revisit it, because a lot of these terms will be referenced extensively in coming posts.

The next post will be about the “Common Vulnerability Rating System v2”; some positive thoughts, “lukewarm” thoughts, and “caution flags”.


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