Risktical Blog Series: SOTSOG

Recently in the information security web 2.0 circles there has been some buzz about “breaking” into the industry, what does career goodness look like, etc. This has prompted me to think about my journey to date; and I would like to write a series titled “Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants” (SOTSOG).

The first few posts in the series may have little to do with risk management since they date back to my childhood and Marine Corps days. However, it would be negligent of me not to reference some people or things dear to me from those days since it established the foundation from which I have been built upon.

For each post, I will make a point to highlight the one or two qualities from that particular “giant” that I think applies to the information risk management professional. And just in case I forget to write the following points in my posts let me take the opportunity to do it now:

1. YOU are responsible for YOUR career (period).
2. YOU cannot control EVERY aspect of YOUR career.
3. However, YOU are responsible for how YOU deal with the things YOU cannot CONTROL
4. Its OK to admit YOU don’t know something
5. The advice I give to kids going into boot camp or learning something brand new: KEEP YOUR EYES AND EARS OPEN and YOUR MOUTH SHUT!

I hope you will enjoy the series. I will try not to expose too much of the gooey center inside my crunchy shell.


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