Risk Fu Fighting

If you are an information risk analyst or perform any type of IT risk analysis – you should really consider joining the Society of Information Risks Analysts mailing list. Over the last several weeks there have been some amazing exchanges of ideas, opinions, and spirited debate over the legitimacy and value of risk analysis. Some of the content is no doubt a pre-cursor to the anxiously awaited “Risk Management Smackdown” at RSA on 2/15. Regardless of my role within SIRA or the upcoming RSA debate, the SIRA mailing list is a great resource for learning more about IT risk analysis and IT risk management in general.

Below are a couple of links:

Society of Information Risk Analysts (SIRA)
Society of Information Risk Analysts – Mailing List
Society of Information Risk Analysts – Mailing List Archives (must be subscribed to the mailing list to view)
RSA Session Catalog (filter on security tag “risk management”)


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