My name is Chris Hayes. I live and work in central OH. After doing a six year enlistment in the United States Marine Corps, I found myself in downtown Washington, DC (13th & G) during the information technology boom and immediately latched on to the security profession. Shortly after 9/11, my family and I moved back to Ohio – this was home before the Corps. For the last five years, I have been working for a very large “Fortune 100’ish” financial services company performing formal risk assessments and now responsible for aggregate risk modeling and optimization.

A large percentage of my risk analysis knowledge has been derived from Jack Jones and Alex Hutton over at Risk Management Insight and Verizon Business Services. Jack developed the FAIR risk methodology and taxonomy. Both Jack and Alex have dedicated numerous hours to spend time with me in better understanding FAIR and risk in general. The company I work for also deserves some credit. The fact that they care about risk and actually let me and a few others do this for a living is very impressive and something I do not take for granted. Some formal education at “The Ohio State University” has also contributed; specifically some of the general education statistics courses and a few of their “business decision sciences” courses – awesome stuff! Finally, I have derived knowledge on this discipline on my own by reading white papers, books, reinforcing basic concepts, and collaborating – the learning never stops.

As to be expected <sigh>…

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